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Sep. 2022

Message from Chairman

Chairman’s talk with WFE: TWSE’s projects for the future

Earlier this August, the TWSE's new Chairman & CEO Sherman H. M. Lin discussed with the World Federation of Exchanges (“WFE”) regarding his five-point reform plan and his keen desire to explore fresh initiatives with other exchanges.


Prior to his TWSE appointment, Chairman Lin served as the Chairman and CEO of the Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (the “TDCC”), where he sought to enhance back office operational efficiency through digital transformation and financial innovation. Under Chairman Lin’s leadership, the TDCC created the shareholder e-voting platform, set up the first all-in-one mutual fund investment portal, as well as launched the “Investor Relations Platform” that empowers investors and issuers to access data from leading ESG rating providers.


Such experience has equipped Chairman Lin to instill the TWSE a company culture of bold initiatives and innovation. In order to better service investor needs and enhance a sustainable investment ecosystem, the TWSE will pursuit the following five reform measures:


  1. Facilitate fundraising for startups: Refine the listing standards of the Taiwan Innovation Board to better enable startups in their fundraising efforts.
  2. Optimize trading mechanisms: Examine the rollout of new measures, such as intraday odd lot trading and market-making mechanism, to pivot as necessary to further enhance overall market liquidity.
  3. Promote sustainable growth: Cement a comprehensive ESG ecosystem, which includes a new ESG information disclosure platform, rigorous ESG evaluations, a full range of ESG products, encouraging participation in the “Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emission” and supporting listed companies to achieve carbon footprint verification.
  4. Enhance cyber security resilience: Incorporate FinTech into company culture, adopt SupTech for market surveillance, and enhance cyber security of the entire capital market through working closely with market participants.
  5. Advance investor education: Continue to provide educational material for audiences of all types through various themes, activities, and multimedia platforms to enable investors to gain a more comprehensive understanding of investment and related risks.


Given the uncertainties of the current geopolitical and economic conditions, Chairman Lin also seeks to create stronger rapport with peer exchanges. By building a well-rounded understanding of regional and global capital markets, the TWSE looks forward to establishing sound working relationships to explore mutually advantageous initiatives or cross-border business opportunities.


The TWSE is ardent to work with all stakeholders to further the continued advancement of Taiwan’s capital market, and create a shared prosperity for all market participants.


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