The Taiwan Monthly

Jun. 2023

Global Connection

The TWSE collaborates with securities firms to lead listed companies to host investment events in Asia-Pacific financial centers

The Taiwan Stock Exchange hosted two investment events simultaneously in Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, striving to bring the best of Taiwan to global investors. The TWSE joint hands with MasterLink Securities and Okasan Securities of Japan from May 22 to 23 to jointly organize the "2023 Taiwan Corporate Day" investment promotion activities. At the same time, from May 23 to 24, the TWSE collaborated with Cathay Securities and , Maybank in Malaysia and Singapore. These two roadshows mark the first time since the pandemic that the TWSE has collaborated with securities firms to lead listed companies in conducting overseas physical events.


A total of 13 TWSE- and TPEx-listed companies from industries such as textiles, electrical machinery, computer and peripheral equipment, semiconductor, optoelectronic, and biotechnology and medical care have jointly participated to the two events in attracting capital, showcasing the growth potential of Taiwan-listed companies to international investors.


On May 22, the TWSE held a "Recent Updates and Business Outlook of Taiwan’s Capital Market" in Japan, focusing on the overview of the Taiwanese capital market and three major aspects of the Exchange: "ESG Ecosystem," "Taiwan Innovation Board," and “Shaping of Special Industry Clusters." Furthermore, on May 23 and 24, separate special lectures on "Progress and Prospects of ESG in Taiwan's Capital Market" were held in Malaysia and Singapore, covering three main themes: "ESG Advances in Taiwan," "Sustainable Development Action Plans," and "Building ESG Ecosystem."


The TWSE pointed out that Taiwan has a complete industrial supply chain from upstream to downstream and is able to respond rapidly to various customer needs, providing timely customized components. This makes Taiwan’s products highly competitive in terms of quality and quantity, which makes foreign investment in Taiwan particularly desirable. Through joint events with securities firms, the spotlight effect on the technology industry is amplified, allowing international institutional investors to have a deeper awareness of the diversity of Taiwan's rich industries.


Since the beginning of this year, the TWSE has visited key institutional investors in Singapore and Japan and conducted an online investment event in early May. Following these two investment events, the TWSE will continue to organize capital promotion events and in-person visits to key institutional investors in the United States, Europe, and other regions.


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