The Taiwan Monthly

Dec. 2023

Index Announcement

Introduction of the TWSE Data E-Shop Taiwan Index (TIP) Data Product Section

Taiwan Index (TIP) Data product section initially launched 14 indices, 66 index data products, including constituents list, weights, corporate action and periodic review data. TIP provides single-item data subscription and multiple data combination services for users who could conveniently make choices. Users can also select subscription period based on their needs for historical and on-going daily information. If users who require customized data service can directly contact TIP via the "Customized Service Application" function or directly email .


Taiwan Index (TIP) Data product section includes the following six types data packages (combinations) which can be disseminated to users by E-mail or FTP. The data packages include:

(1)  Daily End of Day(EOD) Index File

(2)  Daily Opening and EOD Index Files

(3)  Five-day Tracking and EOD Index Files

(4)  Daily Opening, Five-day Tracking and EOD Index Files

(5) Full Index Constituents Files (including Daily EOD, Opening Index File, Five-day Tracking File and Technical Notice)

(6)  Every 5 seconds Index File


Regarding the frequency of data provision, most data files are offered daily service to users except for the technical notice which will follow index periodic review schedule.


To expand Index data value-added services, TIP has launched the "ESG Index Data Service" and the "Customer Index Data Service" earlier this year. Now TIP further launches various data products for premier indices on the  "Taiwan Index (TIP) Data product section" of the TWSE Data E-Shop platform, an user-friendly and easily navigable platform. The "Taiwan Index (TIP) Data product section” will offer comprehensive and detailed index value-added information to external users along with Customized Data Services. TIP will continue to collect feedback from users, consistently improve index data service and its content in order to promptly meet market demand with efficient, high-quality, and agile services to maximize the value of data applications. For any inquiries or requirements regarding TIP index data information services, please contact