The Taiwan Monthly

Dec. 2023

Index Announcement

Introduction of TIP Taiwan ESG Report Index

The Universe of the index is based on stocks listed on TWSE or TPEx. The companies that regularly publish ESG reports on the MOPS system will be selected as constituents and weighted by free-float market capitalization. The periodic review of TIP ESG Report Index is in December annually. The number of constituents are approximately 650 companies. The objective of this index is to represent the long-term ESG performance of the Taiwan stock market.


TIP Taiwan ESG Report Index (“TIP ESG Report Index”) could be used as underlying index of financial product or Mandate. Additionally, the TIP ESG Index Data Service, which combines constituents data of this index and detailed ESG data for each constituent such as Total ESG Performances, Sub-sector analysis, key rating issue performances, government adjudication records, ESG Negative Materiality Assessment, Controversial Industries Assessment and so on, enabling users to obtain the list of constituents that have detailed ESG information that could be used for making ESG investing decisions. The ESG data is provided in modular combinations that is convenient for users to choose. 


The ESG index data service offers a turnkey, modular service that combines index data with multilevel ESG evaluation data. Through the existing index information service platform, users can access a comprehensive list of constituents that meet ESG evaluation standards, along with their objective and abundant ESG evaluation data. For any inquiries or requirements regarding ESG index information services, please contact