The Taiwan Monthly

Dec. 2023

About the TWSE

TWSE will launch “Market Insights” on November 27, 2023 to provide investors the most updated market information

The new "Market Insights" in TWSE web will debut on November 27, 2023. Investors can access through "the TWSE official website > Products & Services > Market Insights" or by directly browsing the latest articles on the TWSE homepage. The "Securities Service," in circulation for nearly 60 years, is going to cease publication as from January 2, 2024. Instead, “Market Insights” will subsequently publish 5 articles on its debut day and continue to offer comprehensive securities market information as follows.


1.    Executive Column: Featuring recent and future development strategies and visions of the TWSE.

2.    Focus: Providing insights into the important business initiatives currently undertaken by the TWSE.

3.    Market Trends: Latest information on newly listed companies, monthly market updates, and other market dynamic data.

4.    Reports: Extracting important findings and recommendations from relevant research.

5.    Historical Periodicals such as "Securities Services," "Securities Markets Updates," "Research Reports," and "TWSE 60th Anniversary Special Issue" can be found under this section.


The TWSE emphasizes that the "Market Insights" elaborates the essential business, specific issue perspectives and viewpoints to assist investors to better comprehend the current practices and future trends.

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