The Taiwan Monthly

Dec. 2023


The “Net Zero Sustainability Talent Cultivation Class” is completed, with new blood added to the sustainability talent pool

Faced with the challenge of global climate change, and in order to grasp the development trend of carbon governance, the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange cooperated with the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association, and launched the Net Zero Sustainability Talent Cultivation Class” jointly with Taipei University of Technology in the north, Chung Hsing University in the central region, and Cheng Kung University in the south, in order to cultivate 240 net zero sustainability talents for listed companies, to actively and effectively promote strategic actions to achieve a complete system from carbon inventory to net zero carbon emission.


The Net Zero Sustainability Talent Cultivation Class” aims to enhance the symbiotic effect between enterprises and the society, and create a higher-quality and unique value network. The planning covertheme courses such as “Sharing of Carbon Emissions and Carbon Rights Trading Mechanism,” “New Trends in Sustainable Corporate Governance, How the Board of Directors Formulates ESG Sustainable Governance Strategies, “Analysis of Practices of Sustainability Report, Carbon Sinks, Carbon Rights and Carbon Trading, Analysis of International Carbon Rights Cases,” Future International Trends of Sustainability Reporting, and Roles and Responsibilities of the Board/Senior Management in ESG Governance which are related to the promotion and implementation of net zero sustainability by enterprises. The goal is that the joint efforts of enterprises and relevant institutions can shape Taiwan into a new model of global sustainable governance. During the learning process, the participants interacted enthusiastically with the lecturers, and there were in-depth discussions on how to grasp the latest global trends, the development of government policies and laws, how enterprises may make advance deployments, plus how the board of directors and sustainable governance related units can cooperate in the promotion, as well as relevant professional research and education service institutions, in order to further grasp various actions of net zero sustainability and the disclosure of sustainability reports.


Ching-Hsiang Chen, Chairman of the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association, delivered a speech at the closing ceremony, and encouraged the students of the Net Zero Sustainability Talent Cultivation Class” to incorporate the concept of sustainable governance in practice in order to further deepen and implement it in corporate governance, business operation and management activities, thereby influencing all members of the supply network and forming a comprehensive and sustainable network. In order to guide more listed companies to join the carbon reduction activity as early as possible, the TWSE and the Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange will launch the talent cultivation class in a diversified manner next year and expand the cooperation with schools to strengthen alliances with various groups, in order to assist the capital market in cultivating more ESG talents, and drive enterprises to continue marching toward the goal of net zero transformation.


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