The Taiwan Monthly

Jan. 2024


TWSE ESG InfoHub: Leading the wave of ESG information

The TWSE launched the new ESG InfoHub website ( on July 3 this year to integrate the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) information of listed companies, and launched the "ESG Dashboard for Listed Companies" function to help investors and enterprises better understand and use ESG-related information, which may serve as a reference for sustainable investment and corporate transformation.


Since its launch, the website has received praise from various sectors. Institutional investors have provided feedback that the ESG InfoHub can allow them to see the overall progress of the capital market; in addition, the market averages provided on the Dashboard can facilitate the comparison of ESG performance and market gaps of individual companies. Some intermediary agencies have also stated that in the process of guiding and counselling, listed companies are able to see the comparison results among different companies on the ESG InfoHub, which may accelerate the companies’ carbon reduction and promotion of ESG-related measures.


According to statistical data, the top five pages viewed on the ESG InfoHub are "ESG Dashboards for Listed Companies - Individual Companies," "Market Highlights," "ESG Database - Sustainability Reports," "ESG Dashboard for Listed Companies - Cross-Company Comparison" and "Corporate Governance Assessment - Ratings for Each Period." Among them, the webpage "ESG Dashboard for Listed Companies - Cross-Company Comparison" has the longest viewing time to allow users to quickly compare the ESG indicators of listed companies, including greenhouse gas emission volume, employee compensation and female board seats; the data can be used by companies to evaluate their ESG performance and serve as a reference for sustainable investment decisions.


In addition, country website user data reveals, besides Taiwan, most users are from the United States, Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and Japan. This shows the trend of the world’s emphasis on sustainable investment and the demand for ESG information of Taiwan listed companies. In the future, the TWSE will continue promoting the website to international investors, in order to allow Taiwan’s listed companies to gain favor from more foreign investors by showcasing their ESG performance.


The TWSE stated that with the launch of the ESG InfoHub, it expects that more companies can strengthen their ESG performance and enhance the quality of information disclosure. Furthermore, investors may become aware of companies with excellent ESG performance for injection of sustainable capital for investment, thus enabling listed companies to develop sustainable strategies and engage in investment transformation and to create a virtual cycle of ESG investment. In the future, the ESG InfoHub will continue to augment and develop to provide more value for investors and listed companies, while promoting ESG investment and enhancing the overall competitiveness of Taiwan's capital market.


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