The Taiwan Monthly

Jan. 2024

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

Revenues of all listed companies in November 2023 rose by 3.85% compared to November 2022

Listed companies as a whole reported nearly NT$3.3 trillion in total revenue in November 2023, which was NT$122 billion (3.85%) higher than the total revenue in November 2022. A total of 476 companies experienced revenue growth, while 517 companies had declines in revenue. The decrease compared to year 2022 was NT$3 trillion 309.5 billion (-8.95%).


In terms of performance by industries, the main industries with a growing revenue tendency in November 2023 were “Financial and Insurance,” “Trading and Consumers' Goods Industry” and “Tourism and Hospitality.” The main industries with a declining revenue tendency are “Shipping and Transportation,” “Sports and Leisure” and “Cement.”


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