The Taiwan Monthly

Feb. 2024

Listed Companies and Initial Public Offerings

Improve the quality of relevant information disclosure for listed companies.

In order to internationalize our capital market, efforts have been made to build a bilingual capital market, allowing foreign investors to access important information about listed companies. Also, a new version of the information disclosure website, “ezSearch” has been launched. This website features a user-friendly interface with quick and intuitive switching between Chinese and English, emphasizing the speed, simplicity, and ease of data retrieval. The aim is to create a user-friendly information retrieval environment and enhance user satisfaction.


To accelerate our capital market internationalization, since 2019, the TWSE has implemented a four-stage plan based on capitalization or foreign shareholding ratio to promote listed companies' simultaneous disclosure of Chinese and English material information. By 2024, all listed companies will be required to adopt the practice. This aims to enable foreign investors to access important information about listed companies, thereby increasing their interest and participation in our listed companies.


To create an international investment environment, since 2019, the TWSE has gradually implemented the requirement that certain listed companies must file an English version of meeting agenda and supplementary information for the shareholders’ meeting, annual report to the shareholders’ meeting and annual financial report, subject to specific conditions. As of 2023, all listed companies were mandated to submit the aforementioned information in English, aimed at enhancing the global competitiveness of our listed companies.


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