The Taiwan Monthly

Apr. 2024


The Taiwan Stock Exchange and CDP jointly held the “Empowering the Carbon Era with Sustainable Knowledge” conference, completing successfully.

According to the 2024 Global Risks Report released by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the world will face the most severe risk factors in the next decade, with environmental risk ranking the top. In order to assist Taiwanese enterprises in achieving sustainable development and complying with international standards, this year the TWSE cooperates with the CDP, the world’s largest non-profit organization for carbon disclosure, and the BCSD Taiwan, the CDP’s partner in Taiwan, to jointly organize a series of advocacy meetings on “Empowering the Carbon Era with Sustainable Knowledge.” The first “CDP Taiwan Forum” was launched on March 22 to unveil the series of campaigns. A total of 360 people participated in the event, and the response was enthusiastic.

TWSE Chairman Sherman Lin expressed in the “CDP Taiwan Forum” that climate change has become an important issue around the globe; as Taiwan has set a net zero Emissions in 2050, enterprises are facing various impacts and challenges in terms of “environment, society and economy.” The TWSE hopes to support companies in paying attention to carbon management issues by promoting participation in the Climate Disclosure Project, in order to evaluate the future risks and opportunities of enterprises related to climate change, and to develop countermeasures.

According to CDP statistics, the number of entrepreneurs in Taiwan participating in the CDP questionnaire has been increasing year by year. In 2023, more than 841 respondents participated in, and there were 20 A-level companies that performed well in the CDP evaluation, including 18 companies in the “Climate Change” field and 10 companies in the “Water Security” field. Among them, 8 companies received A-ratings in both major areas, breaking Taiwan's record of CDP award winning. This time, Chairman Lin of the TWSE presented the awards to A-level companies to praise their outstanding performance in sustainability disclosure.

The CDP Chief Impact Officer shared the CDP questionnaire filled in by Taiwanese enterprises, and the CDP team shared the revised version of the CDP questionnaire in 2024 which provides a simplified and more understandable version for small and medium-sized enterprises to disclose their environmental information. In addition, the latter half advocacy meeting, conducted in the form of a roundtable discussion, was attended by representatives from corporations, accounting firms, and the financial industry. The guests provided assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises in disclosing strategies and actions to promote sustainable development. The experience sharing and discussion between the CDP team and the guests in this forum helped the enterprises that participated master the issue of sustainable forward thinking.

As a vital platform for the capital market, the TWSE cooperates with regulatory authorities on sustainable development policies, integrating various stakeholders in the capital market, and jointly constructing an ESG ecosystem. The TWSE, the BCSD, and external consulting firms (including the CDP) will continuously hold 10 advocacy courses, covering topics such as sustainability knowledge empowerment, GHG Protocol and Scope 3, and the CDP questionnaire for small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to continuously strive to achieve Taiwan's dual-axis transformation and net zero goal.

The advocacy video will be placed in the “TWSE WebPro3.0 _Corporate Governance Advocacy” section to allow more companies to watch it.

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